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  1. Keiana

    What a great website and I LOVE CHOCOLATE TOO!!! I actually like dark chocolate kind of. But this is a great website and this will give me an idea on what changes I need to make to mine.

    1. Roy

      Hi Keiana,
      Thanks for commenting. We do offer some milk chocolates and some mylk (dairy-free) chocolates. it seems that many people consider dark chocolate healthier than milk, so there seems to be a greater availability of dark chocolates that are made from organically grown and ethically sourced ingredients. But trust me, if you ever acquire a taste for dark chocolate, you may never want to go back to milk chocolate. I know this from personal experience. Thanks again.


  2. Rick Rogers

    Thanks for the Chocolate store online. Really funny and clever videos. I enjoyed those.


    1. Roy

      Hey Rick,
      Thanks for the comment. We hope to post many more of these videos. If you are interested in a particular subject(s), drop us a note, and we will try to create the types of content that interests you.

  3. Jasmin Thompson

    Is this a blog or an online store? A video that is more relevant to chocolate would be more inspiring.
    Everybody loves chocolates.

    All the best

    1. Roy

      Thanks for the comment. We will be posting more videos in the next few weeks that you may find interesting. Meanwhile, you might find the blog, “Are the World’s Finest Chocolates World-Class?” more in line with what you are looking for. That blog also has a very brief video attached. Thanks again for your comment.

  4. Matts Mom

    I love dark chocolate as well! I look forward to your chocolate store 😀 The video I watched was good. I have bookmarked your site. Looking forward to seeing more info and goodies for sale!

    1. Roy

      Thank you, Matts Mom. We look forward to seeing you here again. Hopefully our store will open soon. Thank you for the nice comments.

  5. Irma

    Yay! A website about chocolate…my favorite! Cannot wait to see the store when it opens!

    1. Roy

      Thanks for you comment, Irma. Hopefully, our store will open soon. Please check back often.

  6. Debra

    I FREAKING LOVE CHOCOLATE!!! Dark is my fav. Can the video information be made smaller? Will this have to do with chocolate?

    1. Roy

      Thanks for the comment, Debra. There will be more videos soon that will have more to do with chocolate. Meanwhile, you can check out my post, “Are the World’s Finest Chocolates World-Class?” This has a brief video attached that discusses cocoa sourcing policies. Look for more informative videos in the future. Thanks again.

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