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Welcome to our store…your store. Welcome to The Go To Chocolate Store. We hope that our site will become your first and last stop whenever you want to give a gift of world-class chocolate to someone you love or admire,or even to yourself.


We are a retired couple who left the business world to pursue a life of fulfillment. Like many of you, fulfillment to us means continuous learning, goal-setting, and giving back to the communities and the world around us.

If you believe that we can improve this site in any way that will provide a better experience to you and others, please leave a suggestion in the comments section.

As you navigate our site, please recognize that we are just an ordinary couple trying to provide you with the same type of service that we would want for ourselves.


Some might ask, “Why fresh Alaskan salmon instead of canned tuna?” “Why freshly ground imported coffee instead of instant?” We should not be ashamed to admit why.

It is about indulgence. And as responsible adults, we have so little time for it.

My wife, Billie Jean, is the disciplined one in our household. Even though she loves chocolate, she rarely has more than one piece of chocolate in a day. So she wants to sit quietly and savor the experience…the indulgence. Does this sound like you or someone you know?

Billie deserves these few moments every day, and I want to show her that I know it.


Now take it from me, a gift of world-class chocolate is NOT the way to show love or admiration. These feelings are best demonstrated by the words and actions that you direct toward your loved ones.

“Good morning.” “I love you.” “Thank you for being here with me.”

Most of the time these words will mean more than any other gift. But an unexpected gift of world-class chocolate is very nice reminder of your affection.


Our store will always be a work-in-progress.

We will display what our research has shown to be the best in world-class chocolates. We will not present corporate hype, and we will not present our personal preferences unless you request them.

Please let us know about your experiences–good and bad–with the products that we display. And always let us know if there are any other products that you would like to see in our store.

Allow us to be your go to chocolate store.


Roy and Billie Jean


Roy & Billie Jean

Please email us with your questions or comments. We would love to hear from you. Let us know what you think about our site and what we can do to improve it.

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