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This post is to review Thrive Market because they provide the bulk of our Organic, Fairtrade, often Gluten-free, and often Vegan chocolate bars and truffles.

Why Thrive Market

Many of you know that early in the creation of The Go To Chocolate Store, my wife and I made the decision to only sell chocolates from ethically sourced chocolate companies.  We made this decision when we found out about the horrendous human-rights abuses taking place in some cocoa-producing regions of the world.  You can read more about this in our post, “Are the World’s Finest Chocolates World-Class?“.
Making the decision to sell only ethically sourced chocolate was the easy part.  In fact, my wife and I call this a “no brainer.”  The difficult part was finding a reliable source of ethically sourced chocolates.  Many merchants are resistant to disclose where they get their cocoa ingredients.  They will say simply that they use the best and freshest ingredients.  Some merchants don’t respond, or their responses are so vague as to be no response at all.
When we were becoming very discouraged with chocolate merchants, Thrive Market was there like a knight with a white shopping cart.  They offer many different brands of Organic, Fairtrade or B Corp, Gluten-free, Vegan, and/or sustainably farmed chocolates.  You get the idea.  Better yet, they’ve done the research, and the certifications are displayed within the individual descriptions and images of each chocolate product.

About Thrive Market

According to Wikipedia, Thrive Market, an American e-commerce membership-based retailer, was launched in 2014 by Nick Green, Gunnar Lovelace, Kate Mulling, and Sasha Siddhartha.  Before the launch, while trying to raise money for the venture, Green and Lovelace were rejected by more than 50 venture-capital firms.  They then reached out to more than 200 health and wellness investors, including Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, and Jillian Michaels.  As of 2016, Thrive Market has raised $141 various companies and private investors.  Thrive Market is the now largest national retailer of exclusively non-GMO foods.  No doubt, there is another opportunity in Thrive Market’s history for a post about the power of perseverance, especially for fledgling online marketers.  Stayed tuned.
On the down side, Thrive Market does have an annual membership fee.  For about $60 you get the best prices and free shipping on orders over $49.  When you make a purchase, they will start you out with a 30-day free trial, and like with most online businesses, they automatically enroll you in the paid membership as soon as the free trial expires.  For every paid membership, Thrive Market will donate a free membership to a family in need.
CAUTION:  Some have written that Thrive Market’s auto-enrollment policy is not clearly disclosed.  If do not want to be charged an annual membership fee, go online or call to cancel before the end of your free trial period.  Acceptance of a free gift may also mean acceptance of an annual membership charge to your credit card.  So ask for the total charges and your order confirmation number before getting offline or off the phone with the sales representative.  This is good policy whenever ordering online or on the phone from any merchant.  
I know.  There seems to be a catch to everything, but if you plan on shopping Thrive Market often, the savings could more than offset the cost of an annual membership.

What’s in This for Me?

Now, I know you’re thinking, “What does Roy get paid for writing this.”  I get paid nothing for writing an honest post, but I am a Thrive Market affiliate.  That means that The Go To Chocolate Store earns a “very small” commission on your initial purchase.  Unlike many of the other merchants, we earn nothing more from Thrive Market after your initial purchase.  Yet, I am praising this merchant.  Why?
It is difficult enough for a consumer to find healthy food.  Thrive Market features a vast selection of natural and organic food products at reduced costs.  And because I also help run an online business, I appreciate the way their store is organized, making their chocolate selection easy to display and promote on our site.
Well just when you are thinking that this can’t get much better, listen to this.  Thrive Market offers anything that a conventional market offers, except for high prices.  Everything here is priced better than we’ve seen anywhere else.

Community Service

According to Wikipedia, Thrive market continually donates to community causes, like “families affected by Walmart closings in Wichita, Kansas, Denver, Colorado, and Chicago, Illinois; areas affected by water shortages in Flint, Michigan; and areas affected by floods in Louisiana.  Thrive Market also works closely with the True Sioux Hope Foundation to provide healthy offerings for native communitie.  During the 2015 holiday season, Thrive Market teamed up with Feeding America to allow customers to donate their shopping savings to the nonprofit at checkout.  In early 2016, they launched a campaign entitled, Spread the Health, which allows customers to donate a portion of their savings at checkout with every dollar donated going directly into the shopping cart of a low-income Thrive Gives family.”

Is There Anything They Don’t Have?

Thrive Market has about everything that a health-conscious family needs, except:  While all of the chocolates they offer are certified organic, not all of their chocolates are certified as ethically sourced.  Every chocolate product that we offer at The Go To Chocolate Store is ethically sourced.  Also, Thrive Market doesn’t offer fine gift chocolates–we do, and our selection is increasing every week.  And they don’t offer interesting, informative, and hopefully entertaining posts like we do.

For those things, you need to return here to The Go To Chocolate Store.  So bookmark this page, stop back often, and let our store be your go-to  store for ethically sourced chocolates.  You can visit our store here, or click the image to the right.


This wraps up my review.  Bottom line:  The Go To Chocolate Store should always be your first and last resource for satisfying your chocolate cravings, and you can be sure that the only products we promote will be ethically sourced.  Thrive Market is membership-based retailer, and they will do their best to encourage you to sign up.  Watch for hidden charges.  They are also a great resource for healthy, non-GMO foods, including organic, ethically sourced chocolates.  They have a proven track record of community service.  If you’d like to give Thrive Market a try, you can visit them by clicking the image below:  The Thrive Market image was deleted by author.
Note:  As I’ve continued to research the Thrive Market, I’ve seen many negative reviews.  So, while Billie Jean and I have never had a problem with Thrive Market,  we are not willing to risk our customers having a negative experience with one of our merchants.  For that reason, we have terminated our affiliate relationship with Thrive Market.
We have however replaced this merchant with one that most of you are familiar with.  We are proud to announce our affiliate relationship with:

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    1. Roy

      That’s how we all feel…I hope. Thanks for the comment, Andrew.

  1. I would definitely take my chances with Thrive Market, despite the fact they may not all be ethically sourced. As a sucker for chocolate during the colder months of the year I’d love to place an order to see if the product is worth it. I like how they’re organic in nature, so it would entice me to give the product a shot.

    1. Roy

      Thanks for the comment, Todd. I hope that visitors are willing to take the chance on this company. Time will tell.

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