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In the following post, I will review FREE LEAD SYSTEM (FLS), a complete lead and traffic generation system with many attractive built-in features.  I will discuss what a lead/traffic generation system is, why it is important to have a lead/traffic generation system, common methods of lead/traffic generation, and the pros and cons of this particular system.  

Recently, Billie Jean and I joined the FREE LEAD SYSTEM (FLS).  We needed leads and traffic to The Go to Chocolate Store, and the Free Lead System was as the title implies…FREE.  And unlike some sites of this type, “FREE” means free forever.Free 

Yes, there are upgrades available, but you will never be required to spend any money to continue to receive free leads and free traffic…forever.  We would have been foolish to pass up such a great opportunity to help our business at no cost. 

As I stated above, the FREE LEAD SYSTEM has many attractive built in features.  Attracting leads/traffic is a relatively small part of the overall benefits to joining the Free Lead System.   

What is a Lead Generation System?

Simply stated, a lead generation system, also known as a traffic generation system, is a method of driving targeted traffic to your brick-and-mortar or virtual organization to increase sales or generate leads to potentially increase sales.  There are several common methods for accomplishing this which I will discuss a little later in this post.

Why is a Lead/Traffic Generation System Important?

I guess to state that a lead/traffic generation system is important is an understatement; a lead/traffic generation system is critical to the success of your organization.  It has been said that traffic to an organization is like location to real estate.  Without traffic, nothing else matters.  And this is true for any type of organization whether it be for-profit or not-for-profit.  

Without traffic there are no sales, and there are no leads to result in sales.  Without sales or sales prospects, there is no revenue.   And even if revenue is not the purpose of your site, no traffic also means no communication of information and ideas, no visitor feedback and suggestions.  Without traffic, you might as well write your message in the sand on a windy day and wish for success.

Common Methods of Lead/Traffic Generation

If you are reading this post, you are most likely looking for a cost-effective means of generating traffic to your site.  There seems to be two basic methods for traffic generation:  Free and Paid.  Let me state upfront that Billie Jean and I had been biased toward the free methods of traffic generation since we opened The Go to Chocolate Store.  Like many of you, we were taught as children to not spend money that we had not yet earned. 

Having stated that, I will add that the free methods below that we have embraced have have shown mixed results in traffic to our site from little effect to no effect.  But that was before we joined  the


Anyway, let’s look at a few of the most common methods of traffic generation along with my admittedly biased opinions. 


  • Write lots of informative, interesting, and entertaining posts.  This is commonly referred to as content.  Publish the posts on your website.  This seems like a logical approach to attracting visitors to your site, but there is more to this than just writing compelling content.  You need to understand the concepts of keywords, tags, search engine optimization (SEO), and more.  Writing superior content requires a lot of research, time, and effort.  This is the method that Billie Jean and I have embraced for the last year with little increase in traffic. 
  • Create lots of catchy free ads with links to your site, and post them on your Facebook business page, your Pinterest boards, and your Instagram pages.  This is another commonly suggested method that Billie Jean and I have embraced for some time with mixed results.  We have a relatively large following on Pinterest and Facebook, but this has not translated into much traffic to our store.  
  • Tweet often about your site.  We have not yet joined Twitter, but some claim great results from tweeting.
  • Join online groups where your niche is relevant.  Post often.  We have joined several relevant Facebook groups and posted often with no substantial increase in traffic to our site.
  • Create lots of clever YouTube videos with links to your site.  We have created many original animated videos that get good reviews on our site, but generate few followers to our YouTube site and little repeat visits to our store.  Creating clever videos is also time-consuming and can be expensive.


  • Paid ads, from our perspective all seem to have a similar them:  You create the ad(s); you research your audience, you invest the money; they run the ad(s). On the plus side, these ads can often do a much better job of targeting your niche audience.  Facebook and Google offer some great analysis tools to help determine what works and what does not.  On the minus side, creating compelling ads can be difficult, confusing, time-consuming, and expensive.  The risk (translated: the costs) are all yours.

Pros and Cons of the FREE LEAD SYSTEM


  • The FREE LEAD SYSTEM (FLS) is FREE!!!  As I stated in the introduction, there are upgrades available, but you will never be required to spend any money to continue to receive free leads and free traffic…forever.  
  • Signup takes about 10 seconds (honestly) to join.  This was the fastest signup process that I have ever seen.
  • You get FREE leads and traffic forever.  You are  provided with a unique url to advertise.  When someone clicks your personal url, they are directed to a site that will take over the process of signup and followup on your behalf.  This is a very simple and straight-forward process.
  • You get a portion of all the traffic that those who signup with you generate.  This is one of the best features of FLS.  As people signup with you and promote their own site, you get a portion of those leads.  Imagine how much this extra traffic can add up over time.
  • A free limited  autoresponder is built into the system.  After someone signs-up, they are sent spaced email reminders/notifications/opportunities on your behalf.  This assures that new traffic is continually generated.
  • There is a lot of FREE training available for promoting both the FREE LEAD SYSTEM and your personal website.  There is a lot to learn about promoting a business.  We are still learning, and this FREE training provides a lot of valuable insight into the methods used by successful marketers.
  • You can make a great income from this if you upgrade.  Although we have not yet upgraded, FLS provides very compelling reasons why and how to make a very good living by promoting upgrades and/or memberships. 


  • Some work required.  Like any system of value, you will need to spend some time determining the best method(s) to promote your personal url to generate lifelong traffic and leads.  The FREE training that I mentioned above is very helpful in providing direction for these types of activities.
  • After signup, finding some of the most attractive features of FLS can be challenging.  This is where we come in.  If you sign up to the FREE LEAD SYSTEM with us, we will respond to any questions you may have about the most productive way to use this FREE application.  Just leave a comment/question below so that others can also learn from yours and our experiences.  We will respond as soon as we read your comment/question.  If we don’t know the answer to your question, we will research your question and find a resource that can help you.
  • The traffic and lead growth is incremental and may take several weeks or months to be substantial.  Traffic to your site will grow exponentially over time from your efforts and from the efforts of those who signup with you.  Give this system some time to work its magic. 

Where do I start?

If you haven’t done so already, click anyone of the several links I have included in this post.  The signup literally takes a few seconds.  Watch the informational videos provided and begin to enjoy the benefits of the FREE system.  Remember, our success depends on your success, so we will do anything we can to help you succeed.

Please leave a comment below to tell everyone about your experience.

Click below to get free leads and free traffic…forever:

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